Purple Haze

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This is an all time winner that was around in the good old hippie days. This was considered some of the strongest weed at that time, and people still discuss the potency on the forums. Weather it's still amongst the strongest i don't know, but then it was the all over winner. Get Purple Haze Here


Purple Haze: All Hail the Purp

What hasn’t been said about Purple Haze? Long before Jimi Hendrix espoused the virtues of his strain of choice, Purple Haze was all the rage and in many ways it still is to this day. There are some who say that Purple Haze in and of itself no longer exists, having been overly crossbred with other strains to create several purple varieties that, while similar to the original plant, are simply doppelgangers at the end of the day. This may be true in a purist’s sense but the spirit and the basic hybrid combination still exists in Purple Haze and it can be said that, if anything, the Purple Haze you see today is far more potent and enjoyable than the classic version, with a twenty percent THC content being the norm! Despite its near mythical history, one thing that hasn’t been exaggerated is the sheer beauty of this plant. Boasting actual purple leaves and lavender-hued buds, this gorgeous strain is known for its very complex flavor that has been compared to everything from caramel to pine. In actuality, Purple Haze has the rich, woodsy taste of many Haze varieties and, upon hitting the tongue, you’ll be tantalized and invigorated by the deep flavor produced courtesy of the heavy crystal coating that permeates all the best strains. The high produced from a batch of high quality Purp simply can’t be beat. A lucid, enjoyable high that is actually somewhat energetic is the trademark of a Purple Buzz, and the comedown is pleasant and peaceful with no ill feelings.

Purple Haze’s leaves are medium and somewhat thick. Not as thick as an average Indica but not long and spindly like a typical Sativa. This is due in part to the healthy mixture of forty percent Indica and sixty percent Sativa, which is the norm for Purple Haze. The leaves start out greener but become more purple in color as the plant approaches flowering time. Many people who have grown Purple Haze have marveled over how easy it is to grow compared to most strains of Haze. The plant is very hardy and can withstand the elements with ease. It also has been known to be less enticing to pests and small rodents because of its pungent scent while in the wild. This scent is due to the Sativa overtones. Outdoors a Purple Haze plant can grow to a respectable six or seven feet tall but it seems to be predisposed to a size closer to three or four feet when being grown indoors.

Since the discrepancy between indoor and outdoor size is so marked, the yield is understandably different depending on what method you employ. Either way, Purple Haze takes about nine weeks to complete the budding cycle but an indoor plant will net you an ounce to two and a half ounces as opposed to an outdoor plant which could yield five or more ounces! Considering that Purple Haze is so hardy against the elements and wildlife, planting outdoors may be a better bet. Six foot plants aren’t as noticeable as the ten foot-plus varieties of haze but you will want to make sure that you don’t have any stoners or feds living nearby. The purple coloring on the plant and buds makes it particularly eye-catching.